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Wax Melt Clamshells 200 pack

$ 49.00
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200 PCS Wax Tart Clamshell Clear Plastic Mold - 6 Cavity. Just pour your wax directly into the empty clam shell. Each pack has a hook hole so you can easily hang them for storage.

Plastic clamshell packaging is the fastest and most convenient way to make and sell your wax melt products. Just pour your wax directly into the clamshell. Let cool and it is ready to sell.

200 EMPTY plastic clamshells included

1 clamshell holds about 2.5oz of wax, depending on the fill level.

total weight for 200 is approx 5lbs

Recommended wax temperature for fill: 160F

Flat front area dimensions (where a label might be applied): 2.5 inches across 3.25 inches long- see images

Need wax to fill these? Try our unscented bulk bag white wax beads here: https://candlemart.com/collections/bulk-wax-beads/products/aromabeads-unscented-bulk-wax-beads

Or try one of our over 40 different options of bulk bag beads that are all scented and with color. Create your own unique wax melts with your blend of fragrances and colors by combining a few beads from several fragrances. Just melt them together in a pot, and carefully pour the warm wax into these clamshells. Add a label, and they are ready to sell!

Bulk Wax Beads- Scented HERE



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    • What size labels should we use on this product?

      ANSWER DATE: 8/17/20
      Hi Brooke,

      Thanks for your question!

      Flat front area dimensions (where a label might be applied): 2.5 inches across and about 3.25 inches long

      We have added this information and some additional images to the product description.


    • are these the standard 3 ounce shells or the larger ones?

      ANSWER DATE: 9/17/19
      Hi Cindy!

      Thanks for your question. These clamshells hold about 1.25oz of wax, depending on the fill level of course.

      Here are the ones we sell:

      I hope that helps!