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TimberWick Creamy Pumpkin Butter Mottled Scented Wax Candle

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  • Creamy Pumpkin Butter fragrance: Fresh pumpkin, cardamom, nutmeg and pure vanilla extract
  • Five times the amount of fragrance recommended; giving exceptional scent
  • Natural crackling sound when lit
  • Made in the USA
  • US Design Patent No. US D643,554
  • 18oz
  • Burn Time: Approx 65 hours
  • Includes beautiful embossed wood finish lid
  • Product weight: 2lbs
  • Glass container with lid measures 3.625"W x 6.125"H

**First quality product. Product is retired and will not be restocked. Limited quantities available.

Beautiful Mottled Wax makes each candle unique, and the wood wick provides the comfort of a crackling fire! TimberWick™ is a great candle to light in the comforts of your home to help you unwind after a long day. Once lit, close your eyes and allow the candle to transport you...cozying up to a warm, crackling fireplace. The crackling burn of the handcrafted TimberWick™ candle has a soothing and calming effect, almost hypnotic. The uniqueness of the wood wick allows the candle to self-consume and produce a better overall burn. TimberWick™ candles enrich the atmosphere of any room with it's warm and comforting glow.

HANNA'S® at Home Pumpkin Palooza Collection comes in beautiful fall colors; 4 different product options and ALL in your favorite pumpkin fragrances! Often the smell of pumpkin and spices brings back family memories of Thanksgiving meals shared or pies baking. We are excited to help you create new memories this year, and get your fall on! Pumpkin Spice all the things!



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  • What type of wax is used to make this candle?

    Hi Norman!   Thanks for your question! All of our container candles use a proprietary blend of natural waxes and paraffin wax. Except for our 100% soy candles - which use only 100% natural soy wax.