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Spiced Berry Luxury 36oz Red Glass Candle

$ 23.99
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Spiced Berry Fragrance Notes: Cinnamon, clove, cardamom, apple cider, vanilla bean

  • 36oz
  • Very strong fragrances, 15% fragrance oil
  • Beautiful colored tumbler is textured red glass
  • Burn time approx 50 hours
  • Glass dimensions: 8" x 8" x 3.125"
  • 5 wicks for maximum wax consumption
  • No accessories pictured are included
  • Product weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Included: Candle, acrylic display box, and gold display base.

 ***For best results and longest burn time - please remember to burn the candles for 3-4 hours at one time, then let the candle cool for about 1 hr and trim the wicks between each burn cycle. This will greatly reduce smoking/sooting while burning. This will also help reduce mushrooming wicks (as seen in the video), which is more likely to happen on highly fragranced candles.*** 

For more info, see this article:



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  • Hello just received your spiced berry candle wonderful sent are you going to have other candles to choose from soon love to order more thanks diana

    ANSWER DATE: 05/21/2021

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your question! We are SO happy you loved the Spiced Berry luxury candle you ordered!

    Currently we also have the Gilded Prosecco available:

    We hope to have more fragrances in stock again in a few months.

    We make all of our luxury candles for Sam's Clubs, including the Mood Indigo one. It is only because of their large qty orders we are able to make these beautiful luxury candles for a decent price. Sam's Club chooses the items and fragrances ordered.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Hi, we loved this product we purchased in 2020 at Sam’s club and are wondering if there are refills for this 36 oz product? The spiced berry 5 wick candle? Thank you, Lanette Smith Fort Worth, Tx

    ANSWER DATE: 2/27/21
    Hi Lanette,

    Thanks for your question! We are so happy you found our product at your local Sam's. We are delighted to partner with them! Unfortunately, they are really too breakable and expensive to ship back. There are additional complications that make refilling already used vessels not cost effective and unsafe. I wish we could! I'm all about saving resources!

    A few ideas for re-purposing the containers:

    1. They make classy on-the-counter kitchen spoon/gadget holders (fill them with those gadgets = great housewarming or wedding gift!)

    2. Fill with sand or glass stones and put a votive or pillar in it (great table centerpiece!) (we know someone who could supply the pillar or votive! LOL )

    3. Add glass stones/floral filling and fake succulents;

    4. I bet someone getting married would love to have all matching glass table centerpieces. Could try facebook garage sale or wedding resale groups.

    I hope some of those might help!

  • Is the Spiced Berry Luxury 36oz Red Glass Candle paraffin wax?

    ANSWER DATE: 12/6/20
    Hi Warren,

    Thanks for your question! Our container candles are poured with a proprietary blend of several waxes including paraffin, vegetable and soy.

    For more information:

    Thanks and have a great afternoon!