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Citronella Lemongrass Scented Half Pint Jar Candle

$ 6.99
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  • Citronella Lemongrass fragrance
  • Silver lid included, keeps fragrance fresh when not in use
  • Made in the USA
  • Burn time approximately 35 hours
  • 0.76lbs
  • 5.5oz pint jar
  • Reusable Half Pint Jar
  • Dimensions 2.75"W x 3.875"H
  • fragrance oil is 90% citronella and 10% lemongrass

HANNA'S® at Home Collection is introducing our Citronella line! The line includes many product choices to suit your needs! With tealights, wax melts and 2 sizes of candles; each will help keep Citronella fragrance wherever you need it. Citronella, Lemongrass and Lavender fragrances are widely known to help keep those pesky bugs (mosquitos, gnats and flies oh my!) from ruining your outdoor fun. Make sure to try all of Citronella fragrances for a fruity combination to please the senses!



Ask a Question (quick reply)
  • What kind of candle can I use indoor for mosquitos o fleas?

    Hi Celia,

    Thanks for your question! Some people still choose to use the Citronella indoors, it's just not recommended for humans to breathe it in high amounts.

    Many pests do not like lavender or peppermint - perhaps one of these essential oil candles might help?

    Best of luck!

  • What are the jar dimensions?

    Hi Allison!

    Thanks for your interest in our products!

    The half pint jar is  Dimensions 2.75"W x 3.875"H I hope that helps! I will update the product descriptions to include that information now.


  • Is this candle made with pure essential oils? Is it wax, soy or what is the base please. Why only outdoors?

    Hi Deborah!

    Thanks for your question. The nature of the citronella oil is not meant for humans to inhale directly and continually. It is ok outside where the fragrance can dissapate and not be concentrated in one space. It's my understanding that all real Citronella fragrance has the same qualifications, but sometimes it is not noted. 

    No, this candle is not made with pure essential oils. The wax is a paraffin blend.

    If you are interested in coconut oil blend wax and only essential oil used for fragrance, see our new line here:

    I hope this is helpful. Thanks!