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Aromabeads Singles Unscented Bulk Wax Beads

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Unscented wax beads - no fragrance, no dye
  • Quick Fragrance Release
  • 12 different fragrances available in bulk bags
  • Bulk bags are great for crafting and candle making!
  • You can pour beads right into your warmer!
  • Concentrated fragrance beads that work just like wax melts
  • Versatile, easy to mix and match or "Mingle your Singles!"
  • Combine a few beads from different cups/bags to create a new fragrance all your own!
  • Melt Warmer is required to melt - but NOT included
  • 1 lb (pound) bag- 1 single bag included
  • Burn times vary by warmer: about 2-3 melts per 1oz Aromabeads Singles melts
  • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame
  • Make your own candles, just pour beads into a candle safe glass and add a wick!
  • Warmer NOT included.
  • Mix and Match! Combine fragrances to create a new fragrance, all your own! Great for crafts and candlemaking too!

**To keep product as fresh as possible, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER. If you want to order more than what is showing available, please email us with quantity and fragrance -

Unless you will be making these into a candle, you need a melt warmer to melt these Aromabeads Singles Melts. You can purchase one of our beautiful melt warmers here.

Would you like to use these unscented wax beads to make your own melts? We have a great deal on a 200 pack of empty clear plastic clamshells available HERE.

If you want to buy in bulk but don't want all the same fragrance, try our "We Choose" set of 10 Aromabeads Singles Melts cups HERE.

More info including videos on how to use Aromabeads Singles wax melts here:



Ask a Question (quick reply)
  • I am interested in getting unscented aroma beads what type of wax is it mad eof?

    ANSWER DATE: 7/14/20
    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your question. The unscented wax beads are made from a proprietary blend of waxes that includes paraffin and soy. More info here:

    Have a great day!

  • Hi. I order the unscented aroma beads what are the beads made of and what kind of wicks should I buy if I add my own oils.

    ANSWER DATE: 6/19/20
    Hello Papreka!

    Thanks for your question. The unscented wax beads are made from a proprietary blend of waxes that includes paraffin. More info here:

    Unfortunately, we can't advise on wicks because there are too many variables that affect safety and performance including what kind of fragrance oils and additives are used, what container is used, will the wicks be treated before use etc.

    We do wish you the best!

  • How much is your shipping and handling cost?

    ANSWER DATE: 5/22/20
    Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for your question! We offer free shipping on all orders over $49 shipping to the US48 states, everyday!

    We also have a shipping rate calculator right on the shopping cart! Just add some products you want to the cart,  then go to your cart and at the bottom of the cart first page- just enter your zip code and get the approximate shipping fee for everything in your cart! This happens before any payment info is entered.

    Candles and wax are heavy which makes them expensive to ship. We want to let you know that we do not add any extra fees or charges to our shipping amount. All of our items have the product's physical weight in the system, so as you add the items to the cart, it is totaling the weight. Our website is integrated with USPS, UPS and Fedex and shipping costs come straight from each carrier, based on the weight of the items in your online shopping cart, and the distance they have to travel (the shipping zip code you enter).

    If you sign up to receive our emails, you will receive a one-time use $5 off code! Just click the bright pink JOIN button on the bottom of our website, you will get a coupon code for $5 off your first purchase.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Can you add fragrance to these and make them your own ?

    ANSWER DATE: 4/24/20
    Hi Justice,

    Thanks for your question! Yes, you can melt these wax beads down and add fragrance oil.

    Take care!

  • I'm really interested in trying the unscented beads. How much oil can they absorb? How long does it take to absorb? Thank you for any help you can provide. : )

    ANSWER DATE: 2/10/20
    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for your question. I apologize for the delay, we needed to contact our lab team to get the correct info.

    The unscented waxx beads will not absorb fragrance. The wax beads need to be melted to liquid, and then the fragrance is added to melted / molten wax.  How much fragrance can you put in our melted bead wax depends greatly on the fragrance, but on average 10%; some may go as high as 15% and some as low as 3%.

    I hope that answers your questions.

    Have a great day!

  • Do you sell 55# bags

    ANSWER DATE: 12/1/19
    Hi Karen!

    Thanks for your question! No we do not have 55# bags. The only bulk bags we have are the 1# bulk bags here:

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • Are these used to make car aromies?

    ANSWER DATE: 09/10/19
    Hi Danielle!

    You can use these unscented white wax beads to make a number of things! Melt them down and add dye/color and fragrance and pour into molds to create items like your own scented wax melts!

    I hope that helps!