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Aromabeads Singles Tranquil Waters Bulk Wax Beads

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Tranquil Waters Fragrance Notes: A bright blue sky reflected in shimmering waters where delicate water lilies float with violet, rose and freesia blossoms before drifting into the warmth of sun-kissed driftwood, sheer musks, and white amber soothing, so serene.

  • Quick Fragrance Release
  • 40+ different fragrances available in bulk bags
  • Bulk bags are great for crafting and candle making!
  • You can pour beads right into your warmer!
  • Concentrated fragrance beads that work just like wax melts
  • Versatile, easy to mix and match or "Mingle your Singles!"
  • Combine a few beads from different cups/bags to create a new fragrance all your own!
  • Melt Warmer is required to melt - but NOT included
  • 1 lb (pound) bag- 1 single bag included
  • Burn times vary by warmer: about 2-3 melts per 1oz Aromabeads Singles melts
  • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame
  • Make your own candles, just pour beads into a candle safe glass and add a wick!
  • Warmer NOT included.
  • Mix and Match! Combine fragrances to create a new fragrance, all your own! Great for crafts and candlemaking too!
  • Bulk pricing saves you $13.85 compared to buying sixteen 1oz singles melt cups

**To keep product as fresh as possible, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER. If you want to order more than what is showing available, please email us with quantity and fragrance -

Unless you will be making these into a candle, you need a melt warmer to melt these Aromabeads Singles Melts. You can purchase one of our beautiful melt warmers here.

If you want to buy in bulk but don't want all the same fragrance, try our "We Choose" set of 10 Aromabeads Singles Melts cups HERE.

More info including videos on how to use Aromabeads Singles wax melts here:



Ask a Question (quick reply)
  • I I have a medium-sized warmer if I fill the dish with the beads approximately how long will it stay smelling?

    ANSWER DATE: 05/16/22

    Hello Jill,

    Thanks for your question! Our Aromabeads Singles are just like regular wax melts, just in a smaller bead shape. Since they have no wick and no flame to consume the wax for fuel, there will be wax left over that will harden once it cools.

    Here are several helpful posts about our Singles melts and how to use them:

    Generally speaking, you should get 1-2 uses/melts from 1 Singles 1oz cup. But that varies widely by nose, size of room, warmer used, fragrance and weather conditions. Each warmer heats to a different temperature and each fragrance responds differently to higher and lower temperatures. For general best results, make sure the warmer is hot enough to create a full wax pool from the wax in about 20 minutes. From there it's best the temperature is maintained and does not keep getting hotter. This can get too hot and flash out the fragrance from the wax.

    We look forward to serving you :)