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Aromabeads Singles FREE SAMPLE DUO Scented Wax Melts

$ 3.00

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  • 2 FREE SAMPLES! Fragrance varies.
  • You can order only these 2 free samples and no other items.
  • The duo of sample products is free, the $3.00 cost is to cover shipping fees. 
  • If you order ONLY this free sample duo, the system will offer you a "free shipping for samples" option at checkout. This will make sure your order total is only $3. 
  • NO DISCOUNTS allowed on this item. 
  • Only ONE "free sample order" -- per customer/shipping address allowed
  • Sample can be melted in a warmer or used as an air freshener
  • More info on using the sample is here: HOW-TO
  • Want another free sample? Place an order! Every regular order any size will receive a free sample
  • Do not add this duo sample to your regular order, it will add $3 to your total and you will already be receiving one free sample WITH your regular order


  • Quick Fragrance Release
  • 48 different fragrances available - pour beads right into your warmer!
  • Concentrated Fragrance Beads that work just like wax melts
  • Versatile, easy to mix and match or "Mingle your Singles!"
  • Combine a few beads from different cups to create a new fragrance all your own!
  • Warmer (pictured) is required but NOT included
  • 1oz plastic cup
  • Burn times vary: 2-3 melts per each Aromabeads Singles plastic cup
  • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame

Just lift the plastic cover on the individual beads cup and pour into your warmer! Only Aromabeads Singles Warmers are approved for plastic Aromabeads Singles cup placement inside warmer. Warmer NOT included. Mix and Match! Combine fragrances to create a new fragrance, all your own! Great for crafts, too!

You need a melt warmer to melt these Aromabeads Singles Melts. You can purchase one of our beautiful melt warmers here.



Ask a Question (quick reply)
  • 'God' good day to everyone there 😊! A friend gave me your beautifully fragrances 2 lb, 3-wick Mahogany & Amberwood candle from Sam's Club. This is the first candle fragrance I've been able to enjoy following ~ 7 years environmental toxic mold exposure. Can you tell me where to purchase them or the same fragrance please. I'm very appreciative of your product quality and workmanship! Thank you kindly, Nancy

    Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for your question, so glad you are enjoying our luxury candles made for Sam's Clubs!

    It's been several years since we made that particular fragrance, and we have not made it since then and it has not been used in any other items unfortunately. 

    The fragrance notes for the Mahogany and Amberwood are: Heart wood, warm amber mahogany, fresh citrus of Meyer lemon and pink grapefruit, tonka bean and vanilla musk.

    We carry a TimberWick candle called Cedar Oakwood that our Sam's sales rep says smells very similar to the Mahogany and Amberwood, perhaps you would like to give that a try?

    Here are all of our luxury candles:

    Please look for the the bright pink JOIN button on the bottom of our website, you will get a coupon code for $5 off your first purchase, which is just about enough for a free candle of your choice.

    Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!

  • do you still have those wonderful bowl 3 wick candles with the wire top that can later be used for a flower vase , love those , maybe I just don't know where to look but you use to have many many pages to shop through now all I see is the Timberwick which I love but don't care for the plain jars and the melts .

    Hi Syd!

    It's been a long time! So glad to see you back!

    We have not had the flower vase candles for several years now. We have 700+ items on our website currently! Plenty of choices!

    Sounds like you are looking for pretty glassware?

    See if any of these speak to you:

    Here is a link to all of our products:

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help!

  • I’m looking for one of your older scents. It is called Vintage Lavender. Is there a way to order candles in this scent? My mother has an old one but can’t find anymore. She will not burn it because she just loves the scent so much!!

    Hi Sonja!

    Thanks for contacting us! Awe, so sweet to have your mother as a long time fan :)

    If you could reply to this or email us at with a picture of the candle and a picture of the bottom label including the UPC barcode, we may be able to look up the item and see if we are making anything with a similar fragrance now. If you know where and when it was purchased, that will also help.

    We don't have anything currently by the name of Vintage Lavender, but we do have several very popular lavender fragrances:

    Lavender Sachet

    Lavender Thyme

    Lavender Essential Oil:

    Hope that helps!

  • Do I get to pick the sample scents? Where do I find the scents available? Would these smell the same as the wax melts if I chose that route instead?

    Hi Jodi!

    Sure! You can put your fragrance requests for the free sample duo in the order notes box at checkout. We will do our best to send what is requested! It will depend on what is currently available in stock.

    There are over 60 fragrances available! 
    You can see them all here:

    Anything on our website with the exact same fragrance name, will smell the same. So cubed wax melts that are Apple Melon, will have the same fragrance as 1oz singles wax beads in Apple Melon, as well as the Apple Melon candles. 

    Looking forward to you trying our products!

  • What are the ingredients in the wax melts?

    Hi Denae!

    Our melts have a proprietary blend of harder waxes including paraffin and fragrance. We have found that harder waxes give better fragrance throw and are less messy, among other benefits!

    More info:

    Thanks I hope that helps!

  • do you have plain peony

    Hi Bonnie! We have 2 different Peony forward fragrances: I hope that helps!

  • Hi I'm learning to make these to raise money for a cure for Anxiety and Depression for my daughter and many youths that battle this after many nights of ER visits I as a mother have had enough and want to find her relief so what I would like to know is do you use actual Jolly rancher candy to make these? I know how to do the rest for I have made candles for many years but wonder if using actual candy would be a good idea to get maximum flavor aroma?

    Hi Shannon! I'm sorry for what your daughter is going through. That can be tough on a mother! 

    We do not use any actual Jolly Rancher candy in any of our Jolly Rancher products. Also, we really do not recommend trying to use the candy in any wax/candle projects. 

    We are licensed by HERSHEY/Jolly Rancher to make products for them, using their brand. This means that they have to sign off on every product and fragrance before we can make it to sell. It also means that we must pay them a percentage of every sale we make of their products.

    We wish you and your daughter the best!

  • Is the duo really free

    Hi Mary! Thanks for your question. Yes, the 2 packages of melts in the duo are free - but there is a $3.00 charge added to cover shipping. When you add the free sample item to your shopping cart, it will add $3.00 amount. When you get to the shipping page of your cart, it will offer you a special free sample only free shipping rate. This enables us to make sure you aren't charged more than $3.00. We wanted the melts to be free, and the shipping to be a reasonable flat rate, this is the best way for us to accomplish that.

    If the 2 melts were not free, the charges would be $3.00 plus whatever the shipping carrier charged for shipping to your area. 

    The free shipping applies only to US 48 continental states.

    Please let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

  • do u have a store I can shop at

    Hi Kathy!

    Thanks for your interest in our items! We do not currently have any retail locations. We may open one in Fayetteville, AR next year.

    You can find our candles at these nationwide stores: Meijer, HEB, Ace Hardware, Rite Aid and we ship to several grocery distributors that supply local grocery stores - so you can check there as well!

    We do offer free shipping on orders over $49 everyday! So don't let the cost of shipping stop you from ordering :) You can even get together with a friend and place an order if $49 is more than you want to spend right now.

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