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3x9 Unscented White Pillar Candle

$ 4.49

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Our white pillar candles are perfect for weddings, church services, vigils, birthdays, prayer meetings, anniversaries or other formal events; even that occasional power outage. Our white candles have no fragrance, and bring elegance to any setting.

This is the most popular size we offer with approximately 60 hour burn time.

Actual candle measurement is 2 and 7/8 inches across, which will allow it to fit inside most 3" containers. Candles are 9 inches tall from the top of the wax "cone" (the base of the external wick) to the bottom. See picture.

Our pillar candles are overdipped (see video) giving them a smooth and shiny outer finish.

Weight for one candle: 2.05 lbs

Our white color can be described as a bright, clean white

If you need ivory candles instead of white candles, we have them HERE.




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  • Hi, does the 3x9 unscented white candles come in bulk?

    Hi Reneice!

    Thanks for your interest in our pillar candles! Our prices for our unscented pillars are about the best on the internet!

    We offer to pay the shipping costs on orders over $49 instead of offering bulk pricing.

    Shipping costs for heavy items like wax pillars is high. The combination of our reasonably priced high quality pillars and free shipping over $49 makes ours the best!

    Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!

  • Hello, Do I need a glass votive or a candle holder for the 3×9 unscented pillar white candle. Do you carry a votive or a glass candle holder for the 3×9 unscented pillar white candle. I would feel safer with the candle in a holder since I will use it in the bedroom.

    Hi Melissa,    Thanks for your question. Pillar candles are designed to be able to burn without needing to be in a candle holder. You can watch them burn on the time-lapse video on the item listing, to see what that looks like. Also more info here: We don't have anything tall enough for the 3x9 pillar candles. We do have a clear glass holder here: But it is only 6 inches tall, so the 9 inch pillar will be taller than it. You could go with the 3x5 size pillars though! I hope that helps, thanks!

  • Do you accept paypal

    Hi Linda,  Yes we do, thanks! If you sign up to receive our emails, you will receive a one-time use $5 off code! Just click the bright pink JOIN button on the bottom of our website, you will get a coupon code for $5 off your first purchase.   Thanks and have a great day!

  • I am looking at buying 36 of your white 2.78 inch x 9 inch you have plenty in stock currently?

    Hi Polly!   Thanks for your question! Yes we have several hundred of the white 3x9 pillars in stock currently.    

  • Hi, Do you ship to Canada.?

    Hi Lalindra!   Thanks for your interest in our products! We do ship to Canada - and you can see the estimated shipping costs by adding some items to your cart, click checkout - and then click "back to cart" at the bottom of the checkout page. On the bottom of the shopping cart - before you enter your personal info - you can enter your province code and get a shipping estimate. Please be advised that it is quite expensive! We really wish we could do something about it! We want to let you know that we do not add any extra fees or charges to to our shipping amount. All of our items have the product's physical weight in the system, so as you add the items to the cart, it is totaling the weight. Our website is integrated with USPS, UPS and Fedex and shipping costs come straight from each carrier, based on the weight of the items in your online shopping cart, and the distance they have to travel (the shipping zip code you enter). What you are charged at checkout, is what we have to pay the carrier. Additionally - some of the carriers have added even more fees (duties, taxes, brokerage etc) and have required customers to pay them upon delivery. This is entirely at the carriers discretion and not something we can prevent or be held responsible for. It doesn't sound that great, I know! I wish we could make it easier and cheaper! We want everyone to have access to our wonderful items! Have a great day!     See here for more info:

  • can i order it in different colors

    Hi Alejandra!   Thanks for your question! We only offer white and ivory in our unscented pillars, we do not have any other colors available at this time. Have a great day!

  • When will the 3x 9 white unscented pillars be back in stock

    Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for your interest in our candles! It looks like it might be 4-6 weeks before we will receive more inventory of our unscented pillars. We produce all of our candles here in our facility, but it is our busy season and we haven't been able to keep up with demand this year! 

    We do have plenty of the ivory 3x9 pillars if by chance those would work:

    I will make sure you are notified once the white are back in stock!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • How long does this candle burn

    Hi Donald!  Thanks for your question! 

    Here are all the details for this candle: This is the tallest size we offer and burns approximately 60 hours. Actual candle measurement is 2 and 7/8 inches across, which will allow it to fit inside most 3" containers. Our pillar candles are overdipped (see video) giving them a smooth and shiny outer finish. Weight for one candle: 2.05 lbs

    Above in the product listing details, there is a video showing how it's made and a time-lapse of a similar candle burning.


  • Do you offer a discount for bulk orders? I am needing SEVERAL white candles for a wedding.

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your interest in our pillar candles! The profit margin on our pillar candles is actually pretty low, so we can't afford to give huge discounts on them. If you order at least 13 of the 3x9 pillar candles, you will already be getting free shipping for your order over $49 - which is about a 20% discount on these heavy pillars. We will email you directly with more details. Thanks!

  • On average how long will they burn?

    Hi Dave! Thanks for your question! Our 3x9 pillar candles burn for approximately 60 hours.

    You can watch the time lapse video showing how they burn above.

    You can also find more information about burning pillar candles here:

    Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

  • How many of this 3x9 white unscented do you have in stock? Do you offer price breaks for large quantities of this candle? I would be interested in purchasing around 700pcs a year. We are a wedding wholesaler, check us out at our website there you can see our product including the unity candle set that we decorate and package here. Thank you, Amanda Weber @ Lillian Rose Inc.

    Hi Amanda! Thanks for contacting us! I love your unity candle sets, simple and elegant! We currently have 1600 pieces of the white 3x9 candle in stock. We pay shipping on all orders over $49, which is already about a 20% discount, especially on heavier items like the pillars. We do offer additional discounts for very large quantities, I will email you to discuss options. Thank you!

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