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3x9 Unscented Ivory Pillar Candle

$ 4.49
We currently have 30+ in stock.
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Our ivory pillar candles are perfect for weddings, church services, vigils, birthdays, prayer meetings, anniversaries or other formal events; even that occasional power outage. Our ivory candles have no fragrance, burn beautifully, and bring elegance to any setting.

This is the most popular size we offer with approximately 60 hour burn time.

Actual candle measurement is 2 and 7/8 inches across, which will allow it to fit inside most 3" containers. Candles are 9 inches tall from the top of the wax "cone" (the base of the external wick) to the bottom. See picture.

Our pillar candles are overdipped (see video) giving them a smooth and shiny outer finish.

All of our pillar candles use paraffin wax and coreless cotton wicks.

Weight for one candle: 2.05 lbs

Our ivory color can be described as a muted white or an off-white.

If you need white candles instead of ivory candles, we have them HERE.




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  • Do you have pearl white pillar candles I need about 10 pillar and pearl white taper candlers about 20. The picture shows is not pearl white right?

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for your question!

    We don't have anything in a pearl color.

    To my eyes, the white taper candles and white pillar candles that we have match.

    Let us know if you have any questions!

  • is this vegetable based candle?

    Hi L!

    Thanks for your question. All of our pillars are made with a proprietary paraffin wax blend.

    More info here:

    I hope that helps!

  • does it burn down the center and leave a nice glow?

    Hello Mimi!

    There is a video at the bottom of the 3x9 pillar page that shows the pillar burning

    They burn down the center and will create a soft glow!


  • Hi, I am trying to order (14) WHITE 3x9 pillar candles. It says it comes in white and ivory, but only ivory seems to be an option. Is white available in this size? The picture sure looks white, but color says ivory. Also, will I have this in time for an April 5 wedding? Shipping to California. I am not sure where you are located. thank you!

    Hi Laura!

    Thanks for contacting us! We are planning to get these 3x9 white pillars back in stock- but it will be a couple more weeks until we have them. 

    We currently only have the ivory 3x9 color in stock.
    We will make sure to email you when they are available again, although it sounds like we won't have the white available in time for your wedding. :(


  • How much to ship to central Virginia?

    Hi Marion!

    Thanks for your question!

    You can see a shipping cost for your order, right on the shopping cart! Just add some items to your cart - then in the cart screen scroll to the bottom and enter your zip code and it will give you shipping costs from several carriers for what's currently in your cart. All of our items have the product's physical weight in the system, so as you add the items to the cart, it is totaling the weight. Our website is integrated with USPS, UPS and Fedex and shipping costs come straight from each carrier, based on the weight of the items in your online shopping cart, and the distance they have to travel (the shipping zip code you enter). We do not add any extra fees or charges to our shipping amount.

    I also want to make sure you know we offer FREE shipping over $49 everyday (US48)!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • Hi, I'm comparing pillar candles to taper candels; given that the lengths of the two are the same size, do the pillar candles, because they are wider, last longer than taper candles? Thank you, Juan

    Hi Juan,   Thanks for your question! Yes, they do! The taper candles have a burn time of about 6 hours and our smallest 3x3 pillar candles have a burn time of about 40 hours. Approximate burn times and other details you might need can be seen in the product descriptions here: Thank You!

  • Do you have red?

    Hi T! Thanks for your question! No unfortunately we only carry white and ivory pillars. Thank you!


    Hi Lawton!

    Thanks for being a long-time fan! Angel was a great fragrance and we get requests for it all the time. We may someday bring it back! We are not making anything in that exact fragrance at this time, but our Vanilla Frosted Cupcake collection is very similar fragrance!

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Do you have other sizes too. I am looking for a 3 x8, and also a 3x10 in ivory.

    Hi Marguerite!

    We only have these sizes in our white/ivory pillars: 3x3, 3x5, 3x6, 3x7, 3x9 

    For more info on burning pillars including some videos, see here:


  • Do you have other colors?

    Hi Patti! Thanks for your interest in our candles!

    We don't have any other colors at this time. Only ivory and white in our unscented pillars. We have made many different colors and fragrances and sizes of pillars in the past, but they were not great sellers, sadly.

    We may make them again in the future if the market for them increases!


  • Do your candles contain paraffin?

    Hi Mary! Thanks for your interest in our candles. Yes, except where noted otherwise as in our 100% Natural Soy Line, our candles are a mix of several waxes to get the best results for each container or pillar on safety, burn time, and fragrance throw. More info can be found here:

    Our 100% Natural Soy line is made of only soy wax. You can see those here:

    Let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help.