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3x11 Unscented Ivory Pillar Candle

$ 4.99
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Perfect for weddings, church services, vigils, birthdays, prayers, anniversaries or other formal events; even that occasional power outage.

This is the tallest size we offer with approximately 65 hour burn time.

Actual candle measurement is 2 and 7/8 inches across, which will allow it to fit inside most 3" containers. Candle is 11inches tall from base to crown.

Our pillar candles are overdipped (see video) giving them a smooth and shiny outer finish.

All of our pillar candles use paraffin wax and coreless cotton wicks.

Weight for one candle: 2.5 lbs

White and Ivory Available




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  • How do I order white pillar 3”x 12” candle? The ivory comes up and it says it comes in white on the bottom but not sure how to change the color.

    Hi Barb!

    Thanks for your order! It looks like you were able to order the white 3x12 as you wanted. I'm so glad!

    Here is the link for the future:

    Each of our colors of pillars (white, ivory) are listed as a separate item.


  • Hi, I would like to know if by any chance you have candles 3 or 3.5 x 15 and 3 or 3.5 x 18 if so I would like to know the prices as well. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Yiruth,

    Are you looking for pillar candles in those sizes? We don't have anything that tall.

    The only pillars we have are unscented and can be found here:


  • You are out of stock for white 3 x 12 pillar candles. Typically, how long does it take you to restock? I left my email to be contacted when you have stock. Thanks

    Hi Linda!

    Thanks for your question! We should have more 3x12 white pillar candles in stock in 10-15 days.

    With the upcoming holidays, I'm not sure at this time if we will have them before or after Christmas. Feel free to check back in with us in a week and we should have a more exact timeframe.

    We will email you as soon as they are back in stock!

    Merry Christmas!