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Time-Lapse Candle Burning Videos

Can't get enough time-lapse videos?! We know what you mean! They are completely addictive! All of these videos are on youtube and most of them are also here on our website on their product listing. For you time-lapse die hards (like me), I wanted to collect them all on one page for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

I'm currently shooting all of my time-lapse videos with a GoPro Hero 5 Black. 

 ***For best results including; highest wax consumption, best fragrance throw, and longest burn time - please burn the candles (all wicks) for 3-4 hours at one time, until there is a wax pool across the entire top of the candle, then extinguish and let the candle cool for about 1 hr and trim the wicks between each burn cycle. This sets the candle's "memory" and will achieve the best wax consumption (very little wax left in the jar). Following this will greatly reduce smoking/sooting while burning, and will also help reduce mushrooming wicks, which is more likely to happen on highly fragranced candles. *** 

For more info, see this article: