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Timberwick Ember Glow Wax Melts 6 Pack

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  • Ember Glow fragrance: Spiced wood, juniper, cinnamon, patchouli and vanilla
  • Made in the USA
  • Melts do not have a wick and are made to be used with a warmer. A great alternative when flames are not allowed or desired. All the fragrance, none of the flame!
  • Melt burner required and sold separately
  • Approximate usage time varies according to warmer used
  • 2.5oz clamshell - 6 Ember Glow clamshells included
  • 12 individual rectangle wax cube melts per clamshell; break apart and melt one at a time or several at once
  • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame
  • Stock up on your favorite fragrance and save! About $1.45 savings!

Melts are a great addition to our best selling TimberWick™ line. Now you can get melts to match your favorite TimberWick fragrances, and you can melt them in places where a flame is not preferred. 

Our Timberwick Melts require the indirect heat of a melt warmer for best performance. We have a great selection of melt warmers available here

If you want to buy in bulk and save, but don't want all the same fragrance, try our "We Choose" assorted set of 10 wax melts HERE.



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  • Will Ember Glow be back in stock. My absolute favorite.

    ANSWER DATE: 9/27/20
    Hi Margie!

    Thanks for your question and so happy to have you as a fan!

    Ember Glow is our best-selling fragrance and a personal favorite- so I'm with you! :)

    We are currently experiencing resource shortages from current and previous months COVID closures throughout the supply chain. We have had to pause production on some items because of lack of raw materials. We are currently unsure what items will be available 3rd quarter of 2020. Inventory across the board is running low because of this. As soon as the supply chain recovers, we will be able to restock all items continuing forward. We truly look forward to a day soon when we will be able to offer our complete lines and many new products!

    Here is everything we have in the Ember Glow fragrance:

    We will email you as soon as the 6pack of melts is back in stock!