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Sparkling Citrus Zest Wax Melts 6 Pack

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  • Sparkling Citrus Zest fragrance: An enjoyable quality of citrus zest with a punch of effervescent spirits
  • Made in the USA
  • Melts do not have a wick and are made to be used with a warmer. A great alternative when flames are not allowed or desired. All the fragrance, none of the flame!
  • Melt burner required and sold separately
  • Approximate usage time varies according to warmer used
  • 2.5oz clamshell - 6 Sparkling Citrus Zest clamshells included
  • 12 individual rectangle wax cube melts per clamshell; break apart and melt one at a time or several at once
  • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame
  • Stock up on your favorite fragrance and save! About $1.45 savings!

Our melts require the indirect heat of a melt warmer for best performance. We have a great selection of melt warmers available here

If you want to buy in bulk and save, but don't want all the same fragrance, try our "We Choose" assorted set of 10 wax melts HERE.

Want to buy just one pack of Sparkling Citrus Zest melts instead of 6? You can, right HERE



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  • What do u have in sandy beach

    ANSWER DATE: 10/19/21

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for your question! Here is a link to everything we have currently in our Sandy Beach fragrance:

    You can see everything we have in any fragrance by:

    on your desktop(does not show on mobile)- click SHOP in the main menu/then look for SCENT NAME in the last drop down box of the 4 that will appear at the top of the next screen

    I hope that helps :)

    We look forward to serving you again soon!