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Aromabeads Singles Apple Melon Bulk Wax Beads

$ 9.99
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Apple Melon Fragrance Notes: Dewy cantaloupe, green apple, cucumber, muguet, freesia, and white musk
    • Quick Fragrance Release
    • 12 different fragrances available in bulk bags
    • Bulk bags are great for crafting and candle making!
    • You can pour beads right into your warmer!
    • Concentrated fragrance beads that work just like wax melts
    • Versatile, easy to mix and match or "Mingle your Singles!"
    • Combine a few beads from different cups/bags to create a new fragrance all your own!
    • Melt Warmer is required to melt - but NOT included
    • 1 lb (pound) bag- 1 single bag included
    • Burn times vary by warmer: about 2-3 melts per 1oz Aromabeads Singles melts
    • Melts are: flameless, wickless, no wick, no flame
    • Make your own candles, just pour beads into a candle safe glass and add a wick!
    • Warmer NOT included.
    • Mix and Match! Combine fragrances to create a new fragrance, all your own! Great for crafts and candlemaking too!
    • Bulk pricing saves you $13.85 compared to buying sixteen 1oz singles melt cups

    Unless you will be making these into a candle, you need a melt warmer to melt these Aromabeads Singles Melts. You can purchase one of our beautiful melt warmers here.

    More info including videos on how to use Aromabeads Singles wax melts here:https://candlemart.com/blogs/burning-questions-smoky-answers/how-to-use-aromabeads-singles-melt-cups



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    • Hello. I hope your staying safe from Covid. Will you ever sell the plug in oil Air scents?

      ANSWER DATE: 3/23/21


      Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for your question and kind words!

      We don't have any current plans for any items like that. Those items would be a completely different product than we have made before, so I do not think we will make them.

      Thanks for being our customer!

    • When will this be back in stock???

      ANSWER DATE: 2/12/20
      Hi Amy!

      Thanks for your question!

      Our bulk bagged beads are now made to order to give our customers the freshest possible product. Even though it says 0 in stock, you can go ahead and order as many as you want! We will be keeping our stock low on the website, because we are just showing the bags that are already premade. We are able to make the bags quickly, so we are basically making all orders for these items as they are ordered.

      Please let us know if you have any questions! We are trying this to give the best service to our customers. We want the process to be clear and not keep people from ordering, or make it confusing. Thanks so much for your help!

      To keep product as fresh as possible, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER. If you want to order more than what is showing available, please email us with quantity and fragrance - customer.service@candlemart.com