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Woodland Pine Scented Mini Candle

$ 2.99
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  • Woodland Pine Fragrance Notes: Shimmering pine, fir needle, orange brazil, clove bud, fresh bay leaf, and warm woods
  • Clear glass apothecary jar with glass bubble lid
  • Made in the USA
  • Burn time approximately 20 hours
  • Glass container with lid measures 2.25"W x 3.25"H
  • 0.54 lbs
  • 3oz 

HANNA'S® at Home Collection has 24 fragrances in multiple item choices to make fragrancing your space fun and delightful! These little mini candles are perfect for burning in a small room, or giving as gifts. Our mini apothecary candles are a great and inexpensive option for trying out a fragrance; find out if it will be your new favorite!



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  • Are these soy candles or regular wax?

    Hi JC,

    Thanks for your question! These candles are not 100% soy wax. They are our proprietary blend of waxes to make our container wax blend.

    More info on the waxes we use here:

    We do have a few 100% soy wax candles left here:

    Also check out our new L'Aroma Therapie Collection made with coconut oil wax blend and fragranced only with essential oils:

    I hope that helps! Have a great day!

  • Hi! Your home page says that all woodland pine candles are 20% off... how can I get that discount??

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for your question! If you click that graphic with the 20% off offer on the Woodland Pine, it will auto-apply the discount code.

    Here is the code to apply at checkout if it doesn't show up:
    or shop though this link and it should auto-apply:

    Thanks Merry Christmas!

  • hi are you out of the wo0dland pine

    Hi Dave!

    Thanks for your question- we have plenty of Woodland Pine! Here is everything we have in that fragrance:

    If you mean Through the Woods- then yes- that fragrance is discontinued and we have nothing left.

    We also have a Pine Meadow which is a similar fragrance here:

    I hope that helps, thanks!

  • how many are currently available?

    Hi David!

    Thanks for your question. We have about 440 available today 09/30/19 - the website will currently alow you to order 35. If you would like to order more than that, just reply and let me know how many and I will increase the amount and then you can place the order.

    I hope that helps, thanks!

  • Hello! I need a bulk order, I was wondering if you have 63 of these in stock? Also is there a promo code for such a large order? Thanks!

    Hi Chantel!

    Yes, we have more than 100 available to ship right now!

    With a large order, you will be over the $49 free shipping amount so we will be paying the shipping fees on your order! In general that is about a 20% discount, especially on larger orders. 

    Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Do you have holly berry?

    Hi Barbara!   Thanks for your question! We don't have anything by the name of Holly Berry this year. I'm sorry I don't have better news!    Here is a link to all of our holidays fragrances we have left:   Happy New year!

  • Do you have woodland balsam in a large size jar??Thomas karsten

    Hi Thomas! Thanks for your question! Yes, we do! Here are all the items we have available in Woodland Pine:   Merry Christmas!

  • What store sell these candles

    Hi Hester!   Thanks for your question!  We do sell to many local gift and novelty shops across the US and many large chain stores as well. I hope this post will answer all of your questions: If not, please let me know! We are happy to help!