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Timberwick Ember Glow Scented Wax Candle

$ 9.99

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  • Ember Glow fragrance: Spiced wood, juniper, cinnamon, patchouli and vanilla
  • Natural crackling sound when lit
  • US Design Patent No. US D643,554
  • Made in the USA
  • 9.25 oz
  • Burn Time: Approx 60-70 hours
  • Includes beautiful wood engraved lid
  • Product weight: 1.36lbs
  • Glass container with wooden lid measures 3.5"W x 4.5"H
  • Five times the amount of fragrance recommended; giving exceptional scent

TimberWick™ is a great candle to light in the comforts of your home to help you unwind after a long day. Once lit, close your eyes and allow the candle to transport you...cozying up to a warm, crackling fireplace. The crackling burn of the handcrafted TimberWick™ candle has a soothing and calming effect, almost hypnotic. The uniqueness of the wood wick allows the candle to self-consume and produce a better overall burn. TimberWick™ candles enrich the atmosphere of any room with it's warm and comforting glow.




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  • Do you still have Ember Glow air fresheners? And do you have anything that smells like patchouli?

    Hi Peg!

    We will have the air fresheners again soon. We had to pull all the stock for re-labelling.

    Enter your email address on your favorite air freshener and we will email you as soon as they are back in stock!

    Here is everything we have with a patchouli note:

    I hope that helps!

  • Is there a way you could make an oil scented with Ember Glow or Patchouly for reed diffusers?

    Hi Peg!

    I know you are a super fan of the Ember Glow fragrance! Me too! We aren't planning on making any reed diffusers at this time, but we will definitely let the team know of your request!

    Thanks so much!

    Here is everything we currently have available in our Ember Glow fragrance:

    Thanks for being our customer!

  • can you show a picture that gives me an idea of scale size of the candle

    Hi Trudy!

    Thanks for your interest in our #1 selling candle! This candle with wooden lid measures 3.5"W x 4.5"H.

    If you watch the videos included on the item listing, I think they will help with scale of the candle?

    Let us know if not and we can try something different, thanks!

  • Which is the one that smells like a bonfire?

    Hi Anne! Thanks for your question! Our Ember Glow fragrance is our #1 best selling fragrance and does smell like a campfire! The light crackling of the wood wick add to the fragrance ambiance. Here are all the items we have in our Ember Glow fragrance:   Ember Glow is my personal favorite! I hope you are able to give it a try! Thanks!

  • Is cyber Monday free shipping still available?

    Hi Marie! Thanks for your question! Our free shipping on Cyber Monday was available on 11/26/18 only and ended at midnight CST. Perhaps you are in a different time zone?

    If you sign up to receive our emails, you will receive a one-time use $5 off code! Just click the bright pink JOIN button on the bottom of our website, you will get a coupon code for $5 off your first purchase.

    It makes shipping almost free! 

    Don't forget about our $2 melts today here:


  • I have been a recurring customer. But lately they just burn the scent doesn’t exist. I have given excellent reviews previously. The last 2 cases 16 in each case have no scent. I love the candles but, unless the scent returns I won’t wast my $. I buy in bulk and don’t want waste 100.00’s of dollars. Can this issue be fixed? Kimberly Ankrom

    Hi Kimberly!

    Thanks for writing us. We really appreciate your business! I'm sorry that you are disappointed in some of the candles you purchased.

    Could you look at the bottom of those candles and let us know the batch number of the ones with no scent? This will be a 4-digit code (sometimes printed in red) on the bottom label. 

    It will be great info to know if all the candles you experienced without scent were from a different batch as the ones with fragrance?

    This is the first report we have received of problems with the Ember Glow fragrance, and it will really help our team to have the batch numbers. 

    Do they have no scent on cold throw? Or when burning?

    If we have candles here from the same batches we can pull them and do some testing.

    Ember Glow is our best-selling fragrance and my personal favorite as well! We understand that you need it! :)

    We will be glad to work with you on a postive resolution.

  • How many fragrances of timberwick candles do you have?

    Hi Jane!

    Thanks for your question! We have 14 fragrances in our everyday line and several more fragrances in our seasonal and holiday lines!

    Here is a link to all of the items in the Timberwick brand:

    All of the Timberwick candles in our everyday line, in our best-selling gallery jar:

    All of our largest Timberwick candles - 18oz - includes everyday and holiday:

    My personal favorite - all of the timberwick candles with 2 wicks:

    My personal favorite fragrance is Ember Glow- it's also our best-selling fragrance and P E R F E C T for fall!:

    I hope that gives you some ideas! Let me know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

  • Hello I would like to purchase TimberWick candles from you if the wooden wick is centered in the candle..otherwise the candle doesn't burn evenly...

    Hi MaryEllen! Our TimberWick candles have a very high consumption rate, even when the wick is slightly off-center. The wood wick burns hot and can consume a large amount of wax and fragrance oil. If you ever get a candle from us that doesn't burn well, please take a picture and send it to us. This will help our research and improvement of our products. We can then send a replacement candle or work with you for other positive resolution. :) Thanks for asking, we are happy to help!

    EDIT 10/30/18: Hi again MaryEllen!
    I did a time-lapse burn test of one of our Timberwick Tumblers last week that happened to have an off-center wick and it still consumed 99% of the wax! 

    You can see it here:

    Just wanted to share :) Thanks!

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