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Mystery Box of Candles and Melts

$ 24.99
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If you're NOT interested in a particular scent, specific items, or matching a certain decor, this is a perfect way to get some bang for your buck.

The mystery box is *not* meant for anyone with scent preferences or fragrance sensitivities.

  • Each box of products will weigh about 10 pounds
  • Average value over $50 retail!
  • Mystery Box will include a mix of candles, melts, and sometimes accessories like warmers
  • Multiple Mystery Box orders will not necessarily be packaged separately, we go by product weight. 1 Mystery Box = 10lbs of product.
  • For a box of ONLY "mystery" melts at a discount, consider our "We Choose" melts 10 pack here:

We often find ourselves with some very small quantities of certain products- perhaps incomplete sets, second quality products, production overruns, etc. The Mystery Box helps us move the inventory out of our warehouse, and provides a great bargain to those of you that aren't too picky. Mystery box inventory is limited.

Please DO NOT order this item if you have asthma, headaches or other fragrance triggered conditions. We want you to love what you order and be able to enjoy it! Part of the discount comes from our order pickers being able to choose random fragrances quickly. If you know which fragrances you want, please order them individually. Thanks for understanding!


  • The candles and melts included may be first quality (perfect) or second quality (imperfect). Items may be missing a lid, package half full, wrong color, light fragrance or missing labels. Limited quantities available. All sales FINAL on mystery boxes.
  • The 10lbs weight is determined by setting all the items together on a scale, so the item weight will be the complete candle or melt (including the container it comes in), not the weight of the item as listed on the label- which is the fill weight, not item weight


 Make sure to order at least 2 mystery boxes or 1 mystery box and additional product to get to $49 order total for free shipping and to get the best value for your dollar!

PRICE INCREASED to allow free shipping to be used.

Want to pick your fragrances and get a good deal? Skip the mystery box! We suggest you can get a great deal AND choose your fragrances by shopping our SALE! area:



Ask a Question (quick reply)
  • Will u all have any mastery box's back in b4 Christmas cause this is my best route to go get get a few friends that's on my list the gifts that I want to get them an its such a better price an deal cause it's a mixture of different kinds of thing I need

    ANSWER DATE: 12/15/20
    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your question and being a fan!

    The mystery boxes are back in stock today, yay!

    Please note orders placed today (Wednesday 12/16/20) may not arrive before Christmas. We will be able to process your order in 2 business days, but mail carriers are all reporting high volume and are advising customers to expect delays. We have no control over the mail carriers delivery times, unfortunately.

    Merry Christmas!

  • How many candles do you get in a box and what kind

    ANSWER DATE: 2/10/19
    Hi Debbie,    Thanks for your question! The Mystery Box is just that, a mystery or surprise - until you receive it!  If you have a special request, you can put that in the order notes, and we will do our best! Keep in mind, the inventory we have available to our Mystery Boxes is somewhat limited. If you have specific desires, then this probably isn't the right item for you. :)  Each box of products will weigh about 10 pounds. Average value over $50 retail! Mystery Box will include a mix of candles, melts, and sometimes accessories like warmers

  • How many candles r in the box?

    ANSWER DATE: 9/16/18
    Hi Wilhelmina! Thanks for your order! 

    The mystery box of candles will contain a varying number of candles. When filling the mystery box, we fill it by weight - so every mystery box is different, but has almost exactly the same amount of wax in it. :)

    Each mystery box will weigh 10lbs.

    They are fun! Yay Surprises!

    Some of our customers have posted pictures of their mystery boxes on our facegook group page here:

    Thanks, let us know if you have any questions!