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Aromabeads Woodland Pine Scented Candle

$ 9.99
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  • Woodland Pine Fragrance Notes: Shimmering pine, fir needle, orange brazil, clove bud, fresh bay leaf, and warm woods
  • The properties of our wax beads allow them to be saturated with the maximum fragrance content which allows for quick and strong fragrance release
  • Top layer of poured wax has high fragrance content and seals in the thousands of fragrance packed AROMABEADS™ in each candle.
  • Clear glass patio jar with glass lid
  • Made in the USA
  • Burn time approximately 60 hours
  • 2.02 lbs
  • Glass container with lid measures 3.5"W x 6.125"H
  • 15oz
  • Aromabeads® quick release technology is multiplied with the addition of
    Aromabeads® Singles on top!

HANNA'S® Aromabeads® provide a unique fragrance experience! Aromabeads are an innovative prill wax that enhances the oxygenation process at a much faster rate, allowing the fragrance to quickly permeate the room. *NEW- we are now including our Aromabeads Singles wax melts on the top of every new Aromabeads candle! 



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  • We have an old Hannas candle given to my wife from a friend who died a few years ago. The fragrance is Balsam Fir. Is there a candle with similar fragrance?

    Hi Benson,

    Thanks for contacting us! I'm so sorry for the death of your friend. Isn't it amazing how much a fragrance can spark so many memories!

    Science tells us scents are some of the strongest memories!

    We have had many Balsam and Fir candles over the years. It's very popular around Christmas time!

    The closest fragrance we have in melts is Woodland Pine:

    Other pine/fir/balsam fragrances to consider:

    I hope you get a chance to try some of these very soon! You could order the melts in each (Except the Winter Balsam luxury, no melts in that one) to test the fragrances if you didn't want to invest in the candles at this time.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Do you have senior discounts?

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your question!

    We don't offer senior discounts as there isn't a great way to verify who is a senior and who is not.

    Our prices are already about the best on the internet, and we offer free shipping on orders over $49 everyday!

    If you sign up to receive our emails, you will receive a one-time use $5 off code! Just click the bright pink JOIN button on the bottom of our website, you will get a coupon code for $5 off your first purchase.

    Thanks and have a great day!