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Aromabeads Candles

The unique patented manufacturing process behind Aromabeads scented candles, you can now enjoy your favorite fragrance for longer.

The innovative AROMABEADS™ technique locks the scent into the wax beads, whose properties enable them to keep a high fragrance content and allow for a quick and rich fragrance release. Once the top layer of the scent-saturated wax burns away, it reveals thousands of other layers of just as rich and pure aroma, so you can fill every room in your home with your favorite fragrance – and keep it there for longer.

  • The manufacturing process used to make AROMABEADS™ is unique and locks the fragrance into the wax beads
  • The properties of our wax beads allow them to be saturated with the maximum fragrance content which allows for quick and strong fragrance release
  • Top layer of poured wax has high fragrance content and seals in the thousands of fragrance packed AROMABEADS™ in each candle.
  • Clear glass lid included
  • Made in the USA


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