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Purple Curve Ceramic Tealight Melt Warmer

$ 6.99
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HANNA'S® is excited to add several attractive and unique melt warmers to our HANNA'S® at home line. These warmers, paired with our HANNA'S® at home melts or Aromabeads Singles, will fragrance your room with elegance and style. The small size of the melts gives you the ability to change fragrances more often than a regular size candle.

Place a tealight candle in the opening at the bottom. Place wax melts or aromabeads singles in the bowl on top. Light the tealight candle. The tealight candle will heat the bottom of the ceramic bowl, melting the wax and releasing the fragrance. Do not burn unattended.

    • This melt warmer is made to be used with a tealight (not included) which warms the melt from underneath.
    • Melts do not have a wick and are made to be used with a warmer. A great alternative when flames are not allowed or desired.
    • Mix and match melt fragrances to create your own personalized scent
    • "Curve" design available in 4 color variations
    • Approximate usage time for melts varies according to warmer used
    • 0.57 oz
    • 3 3/4in across X 4 1/2in high
    • melts not included
    • Warmer made in China and imported by Hanna's Candle Company
    ** NOT intended for food use



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        • hi I just ordered the purple curved wax warmer is it safe to use essential oils in the wax warmer let me know Tony Walker

          ANSWER DATE: 8/26/20
          Hi Toney,

          Thanks for your order! This warmer is made to be used with wax melts. Wax melts with fragrance melt down to a liquid, similar to essential oils.

          Technically, this warmer should be fine to use with essential oils. However, we can't really advise you to use it this way since that is not what it was made for. Use at your own discretion.

          Don't forget these warmers require tealights for heat. You can get some of those here:

          Your order should ship today and we will email you with tracking when it does.

          Thanks and have a great day!