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How Do Floating Candles Float?

Posted on June 21 2017

Did you know candles can float? Well, they can!

Our floating candles are engineered specifically to make sure that the candle has a reasonable amount of surface area so that it will not sink. The more surface area a candle has, the more buoyant it becomes. Every object that you place in a vessel of water pushes some water out of the way. If you were to fill one of our clear glass cylinders or glass bowls to the top with water - and then place a floating candle on the top, it would overflow. The floating candle pushes water out of the way, and out of the vessel -- which is an example of displacement.

How our floating candles are designed to be the best

Our 3" floating candles have a flat bottom, a slightly domed (curved up) top, and flat sides, to make sure that it performs as one of the best floating candles on the market.

If a floating candle has a flat top, water can flood the surface (and possibly extinguish the flame!). If it has rounded sides, it can cause the candle to become unstable in the body of water you place it in, with a risk of capsizing or turning over (and again, extinguishing the flame). 

The perfect vessel for our 3-inch diameter floating candle would be one of our many glass accessories; cylinder, apo, or tumbler. Our candle floats flush with the glass, and has no risk of capsizing. 

For best results, fill our glass cylinders or frosted mason jars 1/2 to 3/4 full of water, place your floating candle on top, then light the candle.

For a fun twist, try adding glass beads or marbles to the bottom of the glass, then fill up to 1/2 or 3/4 with water. This creates fun reflections! You can also try adding food color to the water for a different color effect!

Check out this time-lapse video showing the over 7 hour burn time of our floating candles:

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